Pure nature at work

The Tscheppaschlucht

The spectacular ravine is definitely worth a visit, and an inspiring option if you’re prepared to appreciate the unrestrained energy of nature. The Tscheppaschlucht in Carinthia is a vivid example of the vibrant power of water. Admire the elixir of life in its most powerful form as it plunges down the ravine. The tumbling waters originally created the Tscheppaschlucht, carving deep canyons into the stone of the mountains.

This process took place over many thousands of years, and today we can enjoy scenery featuring steep cliffs, extraordinary flora including many flowering plants, and a natural mixed forest. The stream starts off as a friendly little watercourse, but as your hike continues, it soon becomes a mighty torrent interrupted by both thundering and silent waterfalls.

The climb into the ravine is initially quite gentle. The excitement increases as you traverse the various ladders and bridges, as spectacular views of steep canyon walls above and raging waters below are gradually revealed. A path for visitors of all ages leads past rare plants and up spiral staircases, across suspension bridges and through natural arches to the place where the water falls from the sky. The absolute highlight of this hiking tour is the Tschauko Waterfall, with the natural arch and its infamous Devil’s Bridge. This impressive natural wonder is a cool and refreshing sight on hot days in particular. Crystal-clear waters plummet down – with you right in the middle!

The Tscheppaschlucht forest high ropes park.

Perfect options for adventurers, kids and tiny guests! After a hike to the Tscheppaschlucht, don’t be disheartened. That’s far from all the adventures on offer! Carinthia’s largest forest high ropes park features eight separate courses just begging to be climbed and conquered. The eight courses lead through the park and contain 87 different elements, with obstacles to challenge the whole family.

The original concept of the Tscheppaschlucht forest high ropes park was to create a world of adventure embedded in the forested landscape. The park is designed to offer exciting and environmentally friendly activities for families, groups and day trippers, and to promote team spirit and cooperation. The forest high ropes park was constructed in compliance with the European EN 15567-1 standard, and meets all required safety standards. Visitors are provided with the necessary safety equipment.

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