Active enjoyment in the Rosental valley

Your camping holiday in Carinthia.

We have just one word to add: idyllic. You could almost say: heavenly. Once you get here and start to look around, you’ll immediately understand what we mean when we talk about “Carinthian”. It’s a special something that combines Austrian culture with a hint of southern flair.

Like a warm breeze, the breath of southern lands wafts across the lush natural landscape, bringing with it the aroma of fresh-cut hay and the scent of meadow flowers. The Mediterranean climate of Carinthia is perfect for relaxation and sheer pleasure. Explore a rich palette of plant and animal life. In the Bodental, you can still find rare plants such as the lady’s slipper or Carniolan lily. The characteristic flora and fauna of the Carinthian region are beautiful, and every valley is home to a unique ecosystem. Here in the Rosental, we are lucky to experience a singular microcosm of contradictions and ambivalence.

The Rosental valley

The diverse landscape ranges from the rugged Karawanks mountains to the gently rolling foothills and level valley floor, offering plenty of different options for leisure activities and relaxation. Whether you prefer an energetic hike, a gentle stroll or a cycling expedition, any excursion will bring you closer to heaven and guarantee a few hours of quiet and solitude. Simply let your spirit unwind. Think of nothing but your next deep breath and restoring your energy reserves. Hiking, running, simply loitering around – or taking your bike for a spin...with electric assist for even less effort. Out there you’re close to heaven, and the stars are so close it seems you could reach up and touch them. Nothing could keep us away. Steep via ferrata, bizarre rock faces and lush Alpine meadows let you conquer your own personal summits. In spring, the flowering daffodils gleam in the sunshine like a sea of gold. In summer, the chattering brooks and streams burble down their courses, while autumn showcases a magnificent, picturesque display of natural colour.

Something for every taste

Alpine climbing tours, challenging fixed-rope routes, bouldering, sport climbing and canyoning – the Rosental valley has it all. If you don’t want to aim quite so high, the Tscheppaschlucht forest high ropes park is the place for you. This natural experience features hanging bridges, ropes and pulleys – not to mention fun and action for the whole family. Rounding out the selection of sports and active alternatives, the nearby Wörthersee has plenty of swimming opportunities and watersports on offer!

Carinthia – the holiday region

Carinthia is definitely holiday region number one for sun-worshippers in Austria. A mild climate, plenty of sun and nature everywhere – perfect conditions for relaxation, swimming, hiking and cycling. You can enjoy a strenuous athletic challenge or a leisurely family outing, just as you please. Spend your dream holiday chilling out, relaxing and playing around in the water – or prove yourself to be a true mountain enthusiast, sporting freak or adrenaline junky!

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© Carnica-Region Rosental_Franz Gerdl
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