The culinary bonus for your camping trip.

The ultimate indulgence on your camping table.

And the culinary coolness, too. What are we talking about? At a hotel, there is a daily schedule of breakfast times, cleaning rounds and checkouts. Just when things are going really well, you find it’s time for something else. Not so with us! Camping cuisine at Camping Juritz means enjoying what you want, when you want it and how you want it.

The dress code? Whatever you feel comfortable in. Our camping cuisine is designed solely to help you feel good, enjoy yourself and have the best possible time. You decide what you want, and you set the schedule for your day. You can enjoy your meal in our restaurant, choose from the camping selection or change it up with the exclusive fine-dining menu, just as you prefer. Or order pizza or similar to eat in the comfort of your own home-away-from-home. Whatever will give you the greatest pleasure.

If it makes us feel good, it does us good.

It’s all about indulgence. Not just what we eat, but also how and when and where and why. We’re not just trying to try new taste sensations, fresh interpretations and innovative preparation ideas. We’re also constantly exploring the latest information about nutrition. We look at all the trendy options: vegan, keto, low-carb and organic. Sumptuous superfoods and cure-all concepts seem to change every week.

Here at Restaurant Juritz, it’s not really about plans, diets, philosophies and all the rules. We’re just cooking with the fresh, seasonal produce that grows naturally in our region. Ideally from sustainable production. We turn the finest raw ingredients into long-lasting enjoyment. Since the time of Paracelsus, we have all known that “the dose makes the poison.” Our food is colourful, fresh, and sourced from local farmers wherever possible. Regional delights include fresh lettuce hearts, crispy vegetables, tender Carinthian steak and fresh-caught fish. And we always keep an eye out to the south. A little touch of Italy certainly can’t hurt. Pizza, pasta, pesto and all the rest bring a hint of la dolce vita here to our idyllic green landscape. And let’s not forget a sweet and delicious Coupe Denmark, to make sure the north is not being left out either. Who wants to try it?

If it pleases the eye, it does you good.

You have to look after your eyes, too. Not to mention the ears, heart, soul, and of course the stomach. We cater to all of them. A feast for the eyes features a selection of tangoing tidbits to tantalise the tastebuds, while schnitzels from our capital city are rocking a harmonious accompaniment of locally-grown Drava potatoes. We aim to please both body and soul. All the senses. All the time. All the indulgence.

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