Prices by season

Prices & campsite charges

Camping Juritz stands for top quality, individual service and a family atmosphere. Our guests’ satisfaction is our highest priority. We offer more than just camping. We promise the ultimate in comfort, satisfactory management of hygiene and sanitary matters and plenty of leisure highlights.

Our campground features:

  • a swimming pool for your use (also available in spring and autumn - heated by the sun)
  • a spacious children’s playground (with organised activities during peak season) including beach volleyball courts
  • a heated ablution block including campers’ lounge
  • emptying and refilling stations for mobile homes 
  • a recreation room with play area and TV
  • barbecues 
  • and much more.

Prices & campsite rates by season

Camping rates

Price per day
from 1/5 to 30/6

from 1/7 to 31/8
Peak season

from 15/7 to 15/8

Minimum booking seven nights


from 1/9 to 30/9
18 years and over
from 14 to 17 years
from 1 to 13 years
under 1 year old
Local taxes€1.50 born after 2005€1.50 born after 2005€1.50 born after 2005
WiFi freefree free
Shower water 
per shower

Camping advantage cards

Holders of camping advantage cards (ACSI, ADAC, ANWB) pay a flat fee of €18 per day, excluding local taxes, during the pre-season and post-season periods. Please note that these advantage cards are not valid during peak season!

Payment options

  • Payment is accepted in cash or by Maestro card only.
  • Credit cards are not accepted!

Important information and booking conditions:

To ensure our guests can enjoy a peaceful and comfortable stay, our campground is CAR-FREE. We provide a spacious, securely fenced car park for your use, free of charge. Your site must be vacated by midday on the day of departure, although a longer stay may be specifically requested. An additional fee of €15 will be charged if you fail to vacate your site on time!

Download booking conditions

Errors, omissions, printing errors and variations in time or price are excepted!

Information on Covid-19

If you are unable to come to our campground due to border closures relating to Covid-19, your payment will be refunded with no charge.

from 1/5 to 30/6 and from 1/9 to 30/9

Flat rates

for pre- and post-season

staycapacityPrice per day
excluding local taxes
Price per day
excluding local taxes
, with camping advantage card
1 - 7 days
  • Two people plus one dog or 
  • A family (two adults and three children under 5 plus one dog) 
  • Parking for one vehicle
From 8 days
  • Two people plus one dog or 
  • A family (two adults and three children under 5 plus one dog) 
  • Parking for one vehicle
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