Exploring the different times and their stories.

Activities in Feistritz

Feistritz has plenty to offer. And plenty of stories to tell. Tales from times long gone, and stories of the present day. The town has a long history of metal fabrication and arms manufacture. Visitors can also explore centuries-old architecture and admire traditional handicrafts that have been passed down through the generations. And lets not forget more modern sporting and leisure options for visitors of all ages. It’s almost like time travel, when you visit this little town in Carinthia...

Sport, fun and games. The leisure options in Feistritz range from the go-kart track to the tennis courts and from fishing sites to the art gallery.

Denise Juritz

In Feistritz itself

  • Indoor go-kart track – Rosental
  • Indoor playground – Wahaha Paradise
  • Tennis
  • Fishing in the Drava river
  • Access to hiking paths from the campground
  • Badesee Sankt Johann - approx. 3km
  • Kick2Gether – Fussballgolf Kärnten St. Johann
  • Boulder Garage St. Johann
  • Gallery in the historic Kraigherhaus
© Carnica-Region Rosental_Franz Gerdl

The go-kart track

If you say “kart”, you have to say “track”. The Rosental go-kart track is what you might call the cradle of the Carinthian karting scene. Regardless of the weather, karting fans with a minimum height of 1.35m can enjoy a short training session and then get straight out onto the track.

The electric karts are battery-operated for an experience that’s both environmentally friendly and quiet, with no noise pollution issues in the indoor facility. Enthusiastic motorsports fans won’t find anything lacking, however, with the appropriate sound effects piped through speakers on each kart. The track is 370 metres long, allowing drivers to feel the wind in their faces and enjoy pure driving fun!

The challenging and diverse track clearly shows that electric mobility is far from boring!! Tight curves and broad, long straights for optimum acceleration – it’s all designed for maximum excitement. The track is equally suitable for beginner drivers and professionals. The facility contains three separate sections with a variety of surfaces, including asphalt and concrete. Different combinations of curves, tunnels, ramps, bumps and rapid straights with parallel curves have transformed our track into an extremely challenging racecourse. Come and try it out!

From spring to autumn

The Carniolan honey bee, appreciated all over the world for its sweet temper and industrious habits, was once an important acquisition for a beekeeper. Today these bees are buzzing again – hard at work pollinating the blossoms of the old fruit trees and making their sweet honey.

Footballgolf in the Rosental valley

Players at Kick2Gether Fussballgolf Kärnten in Sankt Johann im Rosental enjoy the game of soccergolf, a hybrid of golf and European football. As the name suggests, the aim of the game is to propel a ball past a variety of obstacles using the smallest possible number of kicks (contacts with the foot) and then propel the ball into a hole at the end of each course. The game is scored just like minigolf. The winner is the person who has used the least kicks at the end of the game. Just like ordinary golf, the course at Kick2Gether Fussballgolf contains 18 exciting holes. 

The 18-hole footballgolf course is a convenient size for games with your club, work colleagues, friends or even as an all-ages contest with the family. The course is located conveniently close to the swimming lake in the beautiful town of Sankt Johann im Rosental. The Kick2Gether facility is also suitable for children. The design of the course is based on the use of natural materials such as wood and stone.

Kick2Gether provides parking for 20 vehicles, with a front counter and a bistro serving refreshing drinks and snacks. Balls can be hired on site, with payment of a deposit. Comfortable sports shoes are recommended. Please note: no nubbed or cleated shoes!

Art and culture

The old master builders have left their mark on the Rosental valley. Their work can still be seen on castles in the valley, town churches and fortifications and mighty hilltop fortresses. Visitors to the region can explore museums of modern art, handicrafts, the history of hunting and figures from the past.

© Carnica-Region Rosental_Franz Gerdl
© Carnica-Region Rosental_Franz Gerdl

Handicrafts and armouring

The age-old tradition of metalworking has always been a fascinating subject. Myths and legends involving smiths and their work date back five thousand years. These tales tell of the exceptionally gifted craftsmen who shaped the glowing iron between hammer and anvil. The smith has always been a symbol of the creative craftsman.

Ferlach armourers are famous all over the world for the quality of their work and their attention to detail. The precision engraving on their products has also earned them global renown.

Schloss Ebenau

Schloss Ebenau is every bit as interesting as the nostalgic railways or the so-called cultural triangle of the region. And if the sun should happen to be in hiding, Schloss Ebenau or the Gunsmiths’ Museum in Ferlach are great bad-weather options.

Regional art

The drau.art project on the Draustau dam wall (near Selkach and Maria Elend) is being run by the Hoke brothers with support from Verbundgesellschaft. The display of harbour basin, viewing “ziggurat” and dyke features a theme of water forms such as vortexes, barrels and waves. This exhibition is on display in the village of Ludmannsdorf near Selkach and Maria Elend.

The Badesee Sankt Johann

The swimming lake of Badesee Sankt Johann is not far from Camping Juritz, and it’s easy to reach on foot or by bicycle via the Drava cycle path. Sunbathing and swimming are the order of the day on the spacious sunbathing lawn of the Badesee. And if that doesn’t work up enough of a sweat for your liking, you can warm up on the beach volleyball courts.

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